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Botany KRE12

2 years old · Adopted

Botany, born 4/1/22, is the last remaining kitten from our Science and Math litters, who were part of a feral colony on which we did Trap-Neuter-Return.

While all the other kittens in this group sought out human attention and were adopted quickly, Botany refused to adapt to such pandering ways, planning to join your family on HER terms.

She says "I love to play with that wand toy. It helps me hone my stalking and killing skills. I'd be happy to use those skills on vermin, should you have any you wish to dispatch. Yes, I am beautiful, and you may pet me, as long as you pet in the correct direction so I remain unruffled. NO, I do NOT want to be picked up. I MAY choose to sit in your lap sometimes if I decide you are worthy, but that will be MY choice."

After taking this approach for a few months, Botany has finally decided to play the shelter game: "OK, FINE, you may dress me up in holiday elf gear, if you think that will help me GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE and into a REAL home!" Now Christmas season is past, and she is STILL waiting.

If you've always wanted a beautiful tuxedo cat with a strong sense of self, one that will be your partner rather than your pet, Botany is PURRRRRFECT for you!

All pets arrive spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee for Botany is a suggested minimum of $50 (more gratefully accepted). All pets are placed with a 30-day money-back trial period, to give pet and family enough time to discover any unknown allergies or other conflicts.

Can't come to Republic? Don't let that stop you! We have monthly transports to the Seattle area, delivering adopted pets to their new owners. If you can add a little to your donation to help us cover our volunteer driver's expenses, that would be great!