Thank you for your adoption application; we will be reviewing it shortly, and will contact you with any additional questions. In the meantime, please provide any required supplemental information by responding to this message, or emailing us at - this will help speed up your application processing time.

If you have not already done so, please submit a few photos of home (inside and outside, wherever your pets are allowed to go)/yard/fence/current pets, which can be emailed as .jpg attachments. Since we are unable to do pre-adoption home visits for our distance adopters, we rely on your photos to give us the best picture of the life your Forget Me Not pet will be living when they join your family.

If your home is not registered under your ownership with your county assessor, we need landlord permission for you to adopt. This can be written permission, a copy of the pet clause of your lease, or you can provide the landlord's name and phone number for us to contact directly (this includes homes owned by relatives - they always say YES, but we do need confirmation of that for our records).

If you do not hear back from us within 72 hours, please email us at

Thanks so much for caring about shelter pets!

Kim Gillen, Adoption Coordinator
Forget Me Not Animal Shelter
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208-410-8200 (fax)
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If you do not have a current vet, a past vet is fine; if this is your first pet, please tell us what vet you plan to use.

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If there is anyone who is particularly familiar with your pets and your pet care who would like to act as a reference for you, please list them here.



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